Benefits of Colocation at Trusted-Colo

Colocation Vorteile

Colocation offers businesses a range of crucial advantages that make their IT infrastructure more robust and reliable.

One key reason to opt for this service from our company is the exceptionally high availability it provides. We ensure this through our highly secure data center equipped with redundant systems for power supply, cooling, and network connectivity. This increases fault tolerance and ensures operational continuity for mission-critical applications.

Additionally, you need not worry in case of unforeseen circumstances such as a network outage from your power provider or a blackout. At Trusted Colo, we have redundant uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and redundant emergency generators that automatically kick in during power outages, ensuring a bridging time of up to 100 hours.

The redundant air conditioning at the highest level ensures optimal operating conditions for servers and network equipment. State-of-the-art cooling systems keep temperatures constantly at an optimal level to prevent overheating and failures due to temperature fluctuations. Additionally, we have placed great emphasis on finding the best possible location for our colocation data center. Thanks to our geo-redundant fiber optic routes, we have excellent connectivity and network access.


Why should you choose Trusted Colo as your partner?

Trusted Colo stands out as a trustworthy partner for colocation solutions, offering a range of crucial benefits and services.

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Mission-critical applications

Trusted Colo stands out as a reliable partner for colocation solutions, offering a range of crucial advantages and services. The fiber optic connections provided by Trusted Colo ensure ultra-fast and reliable connectivity to various networks, cloud platforms, and internet service providers. This enables businesses to benefit from high bandwidth and low latency for their mission-critical applications.


The stringent security measures

The 24/7 video surveillance at Trusted Colo’s colocation data center ensures continuous monitoring and security of the physical infrastructure. This includes access controls, alarm systems, infrastructure monitoring, and video recordings to prevent unauthorized access and identify potential security risks early.


Optimal connectivity and performance

Trusted Colo’s outstanding network connectivity provides optimal connectivity and performance for the hosted IT systems. Redundant network lines and state-of-the-art routing technologies ensure stable and fast data transmission, even during high traffic and demanding applications. Through direct fiber optic connections to Deutsche Telekom, GGEW AG, as well as to the Interxion FRA02 and Equinix FR5 data centers, virtually all major carriers are reachable.


Burglar alarm system and early fire detection

In addition, Trusted Colo is equipped with state-of-the-art burglar alarm system and early fire detection to ensure the physical security of the data center. The early fire detection is carried out by an aspirating smoke detection system, which continuously samples the air in the data center and checks for pyrolysis components. These measures provide additional protection against unauthorized access and potential hazards to the IT infrastructure.


Energy, cooling, and power supply

Another important aspect is sustainability at Trusted Colo. By using redundant and energy-efficient cooling and power supply systems, as well as renewable energy sources, Trusted Colo contributes to environmental protection and the reduction of the ecological footprint of the hosted IT systems. Most of our cooling is achieved through indirect free cooling with a scalable setup, resulting in a data center PUE value of less than 1.3.

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Overall, Trusted Colo provides a comprehensive and reliable colocation infrastructure with a focus on security, performance, sustainability, and service quality. The combined benefits make Trusted Colo an ideal partner for companies looking to outsource their IT infrastructure while maintaining the highest standards in terms of security and reliability. Both the construction and operation of the data center are based on the Tier IV standard.


Differences between Colocation and traditional Hosting

Colocation differs significantly from traditional server hosting by providing a more comprehensive and flexible infrastructure for businesses. While traditional server hosting typically involves the provision of servers in an external data center, colocation extends far beyond that.

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Another advantage that our customers enjoy with us:

We are one of the few providers whose data center is not located anywhere in the world, but in Germany, meaning that all data is protected in compliance with the GDPR.


Our prices

Our prices for colocation services are transparent and tailored to the individual requirements of our customers. We offer flexible pricing models that allow businesses to select the necessary resources and services according to their budget and operational needs.

Our prices are based on various factors such as rack space, power supply, network connectivity, additional services, and contract duration. The final electricity bill is based on actual consumption, and there are no installation costs at Trusted Colo.

We are happy to create a tailored offer based on your individual needs. In the following, you will find three exemplary offers.

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47U Rack
from 400€*/ month
  • 47U in a 19″ rack
  • 24/7 secured access
  • A/B Power-Feed max 15kW
  • each Feed UPS & Generator
  • Electricity based on consumption 0.33€*/kWh
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Pre-installed PDUs (A/B)
  • No installation costs
  • Fiber pre-cabling
  • Carrier-neutral connection
  • Quality rack with cold aisle containment
  • Remote Hands Service
  • Separate workspace
  • Starting from 6 months contract term
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2U All-In-One
89€*/ month
  • 2U rack space
  • max 300 watts flat rate (A/B Power-Feed)
  • each Feed UPS & Generator
  • Internet 100 MBit/s Flat
  • One IP address
  • Service Level Agreements
  • No installation costs
  • Access by appointment
  • Quality rack with cold aisle containment
  • Remote Hands Service
  • Separate workspace
  • Minimum contract term 6 months

*plus VAT


Additional services for our customers

Trusted Colo goes beyond the traditional tasks of colocation. In addition, we offer our customers a wide range of additional services that can be utilized as needed. These include:

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IP Transit Services:

for example: 1 Gbit/s Flat for 195€/month

IP Adresse

IP Addresses:

1, 3, 7, or more IP addresses

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Transport to Frankfurt:

1/10/100 Gbit/s, wavelengths, or dark fiber

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additional Powerfeeds:

3kW increments up to 15kW per rack

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Deep racks & cages
on request


24/7 Remote
Hands Service

Back Up


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Satisfied customers


About Trusted-Colo

Behind Trusted-Colo GmbH & Co. KG is a family-owned business led by the father-son duo Heinz-Dieter and Fabian Elbracht, along with additional founding member Carmen Elbracht-Zehe. Fabian, with his background as a trained electrician for operational technology and a degree in building systems engineering, and Heinz-Dieter, with his background in telecommunications engineering and extensive experience in the IT, climate, and colocation sectors, each contributed the necessary expertise to establish a professional operation in this field. Carmen Elbracht-Zehe oversees the back office and controlling aspects of the business.

Below is a brief overview of the company's milestones to date:


Establishment of Trusted-Colo GmbH & CO. KG and planning of the data center.


Commencement of data center construction in the industrial park of the municipality of Alsbach-Hähnlein, with the majority of the construction work, approximately 90 percent, being carried out by the managing directors themselves.


Completion of the data center and installation of the first customer racks


Expansion of network capacities


Installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the data center.


100% green electricity (price guarantee for our customers until 31.12.2027)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Colocation and how does it work?

The term colocation refers to the practice of placing and operating physical IT infrastructure such as servers, storage devices, and network equipment in an external data center. As a company, you retain full control over your hardware and software in this setup.

What advantages does colocation offer compared to having your own data center?
  • Improved reliability & resilience: Colocation providers such as Trusted-Colo have state-of-the-art infrastructures and redundant systems that ensure a reliable and resilient environment for your IT systems.
  • Cost savings: Colocation enables companies to save considerable costs for building and operating their own data center. They share the operating costs with other customers and benefit from economies of scale.
  • First-class network connectivity: Colocation data centers often offer first-class network connectivity with fast and reliable connections to various Internet service providers and exchange points.
  • 24/7 access with strict access controls: Colocation providers allow round-the-clock access to hosted systems while ensuring strict security measures such as access controls, video surveillance and biometric authentication.
  • Scaling options: With colocation, companies have the flexibility to scale their IT infrastructure as needed, whether by adding or removing servers, storage or network capacity, without having to worry about physical limitations.

These benefits make colocation an attractive option for companies looking for a reliable, cost-effective and scalable solution for their IT infrastructure.

How secure is our data center?

The security and privacy of our customers are our top priorities. Accordingly, we employ a combination of security measures including access controls, video surveillance, fire protection systems, DDoS protection, and other precautions to ensure the security of your hardware and software.

Which companies benefit the most from our service?

From IT service providers to financial institutions, and from healthcare companies to businesses of various sizes and sectors, firms from diverse industries can benefit from our services. Any company seeking the highest level of security for their hardware and software is welcome with us.

How quickly is first occupancy possible?

With us, initial occupancy is usually possible within 24 hours. In addition, we offer free support with the initial installation thanks to our extensive expertise. If you do not have certain utensils such as power or LAN cables, tools or other materials to hand, we will be happy to help you

Do you have tools or a workspace on site?

In our colocation data center, we offer you a comprehensive range of equipment to optimally meet your needs. In addition to an assortment of cordless screwdrivers, screwdriver pullers, cage nuts and screws, we also have a server lift truck available to facilitate the transportation and installation of servers and other IT equipment. Our air-conditioned work area offers several workstations with power connections as well as WLAN and LAN connections, which you can use freely. We provide snacks, a coffee machine and cool drinks free of charge to keep you refreshed. The separate work area also provides access to the sanitary facilities. And of course, all this is available around the clock, 24/7.

What are Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

Colocation requires a precise definition of the minimum services to be provided by Trusted-Colo to its customers. The quality and definition of the services to be provided are regulated by these Service Level Agreements. The SLAs are part of our contracts and guarantee the customer a high degree of reliability through service levels and compensation if Trusted-Colo does not fulfill the service levels defined in these SLAs.

What does the PUE value of a data center mean?

The PUE value (Power Usage Effectiveness) is a key figure that describes the efficiency of a data center in the use of energy. It is calculated by dividing the total volume of energy consumed by the data center by the amount of energy required to operate the IT systems.

Our data center has an impressive PUE value of < 1.3, which is due to its advanced technology and the implementation of indirect free cooling. By using state-of-the-art, scalable technology, we optimize energy consumption while minimizing the need for cooling. This results in exceptional efficiency and a more environmentally friendly operation of our data center.

Does Trusted-Colo prioritize sustainability?

At Trusted-Colo, we rely on a variety of measures to operate our data center sustainably:

  • A large photovoltaic system on our roof provides clean and renewable energy.
  • Our infrastructure is designed to be scalable in order to use resources efficiently and minimize energy waste.
  • We use free coolers to cool our data center efficiently. These are used up to an outside temperature of approx. 21 °C.
  • The waste heat generated during cooling is put to good use instead of being wasted.
  • Our cold aisle containment optimizes cooling and drastically reduces cooling requirements
  • Thanks to our closed cooling circuits, we do not use any additional water for cooling.
  • We use rainwater harvesting and infiltration to reduce our water requirements and use resources efficiently
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